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Company co-operations

Mission and philosophy

  • We develop, strengthen and protect the positive image of our clients and their products within the context of the existing market and competition.

  • We create and guarantee important market advantages through:

    • streamlined and effective co-ordination of marketing, PR, communication and advertisement strategies

    • a strong network of contacts, both in Greece and abroad, covering the fields of economy, policy and media

    • highly experienced finance and legal services.

  • We are strictly customer oriented

  • We strongly believe, that the following values successfully enhance the realization of our goals (formulated jointly with clients):

    • professional co-operation and communication

    • a competition oriented approach

    • personal commitment

    • trust and loyalty




PR Connexion Media Active
Mission and philosophy
Company profile
It is a commonly acknowledged fact in the field of communication today: Even the best decisions by a company are not viable, unless they are effectively communicated