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Members of the PR Connexion-MediaActive team are not only characterized by loyalty, team spirit and extensive experience in high ranking professional positions, but also possess outstanding skills and abilities in intercultural management and intercultural communication. In view of the ongoing globalization of the business world, these skills ensure the successful realization of company decisions, providing strong market advantages over competitors.

The organisational structure of PR Connexion-MediaActive is the following:

Managing Director
Dr Jeanette Choisi ...more
Communication, public relations, marketing and event management
Andrea Mavroidis ...more
Angelika Timms-Michailidou ...more
Film production, electronic media, graphic-design and photography
Kostas Agianidis ...more
Eleni Kondilatou ...more
Johanna Weber ...more
Legal services and translations
Anastasia Antoniou ...more
Financial services
Grigoris Chnarakis ...more
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